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ALGN is a multi-functional utility app with a wide array of features suitable for professional environments. Manage both daily and weekly meetings, or tasks, or record actions and execute plans, all on a single app. Scale up with ALGN and enhance focus as well as alignment in your organization.


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ALGN Action

Every task that is accomplished can now be recorded along with timelines using ALGN. Assign action to employees using ‘ALGN People’ and use the chat window to update and view task history. Nothing slips through the cracks!

ALGN People

Nothing less than an organization directory, ALGN gives you access to employees’ contact details within the app. Additionally, you can choose people from the list and create groups. Chat, discuss, decide and execute projects!

ALGN Planning

Create an Action and within the action, create your meetings and appointments. It is ALGN in ALGN. Business made easy!

ALGN Schedule

Not only does ALGN help you schedule, reschedule or cancel meetings with selected people, but also lets you get invitee’s confirmation for any meeting that you schedule. Greet before you meet!

Snooze Meeting

Not ready for the meeting as of now? Snooze it and participate later. The ‘Snooze’ feature let’s you push the meeting a bit and get rolling!

ALGN Meeting

Tracking meetings and actions of the day is common, but with ALGN, view the last meeting ‘action points’ and record the current meeting ‘action points’. No more fumbling on the discussed points. Meet and progress from the last stop!


To help teams around the world at work or home get things done faster and more effectively.


To help people build respect for each other by translating thought into action.


ALGN website is as friendly as the app. Be it your mobile or your desktop, ALGN makes sure you are apprised of everything around you.


ALGN tracks your meetings and sends you reminders via email and also through notifications on the app.


Tasks don't go missing as each task is accompanied with a notification at its conception and a reminder at its deadline.


Modifications, updates and changes in meeting schedules, group details, tasks etc are all supplemented with notifications on the app.


ALGN gives you the Eagle eye advantage through its 'Analysis' feature that enables you to micro mange your team to the last level. You can keep a tab on tasks assigned and their completion, group and team functioning etc from backend.

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Simple. Real-time. Transparent.

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Simple. Real-time. Transparent.

PBOPlus is an end to end Business consulting company which provides business solutions to a CEO/Business/Business owner to alter Value-Cost Equation. The members of PBOPlus have been using ALGN and have found it useful for their personal as well as work related activities.

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  • App and DB Hosted on ALGN Cloud
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  • Meeting
  • Action
  • Scheduling
  • Planning